Updates 2020
20200109 - A typo has been identified and rectified in the 2017 Paediatric CPGs at AP, P, EMT, EFR-BTEC and EFR levels for ICTS respirations rate.
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Updates 2018
During 2017 the Medical Advisory Committee has made recommendations to Council to update a small number of CPGs and the medication formulary. This has resulted in the updated 2018 CPG manuals replacing all existing CPG manuals, except CFR and Medications for listed organisations, on the PHECC website. All changes are clearly outlined in both appendix 1 and appendix 4.

Please discard all previous manuals and download the updated 2018 version.

PHECC CPG Categorisation and Implementation Guidance

Council's decision (14th June 2018) to withdraw from granting exemptions to Licensed CPG Providers led to an instruction to the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) to review current CPGs and provide guidance to Licensed CPG Providers regarding the implementation of CPGs. This guidance also provides a standard for the conduction of Governance Validation Framework assessment of PHECC Licensed CPG Providers.