Licensed CPGs (Clinical Practice Guidelines) Providers

CPG approved licensed providers are organisations who have successfully applied to Council for approval to implement PHECC Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). A licensed provider is an organisation on whose behalf registered Practitioners or certified Responders provide pre-hospital emergency care. Council authorise CPGs and make available to pre-hospital emergency care service providers in accordance with approval level(s).

PHECC have a process in place for assessing applications from service providers who must also commit to and implement, PHECC's conditions relating to their use. 

Four Categories of pre-hospital emergency care CPG licensed providers
  • Statutory Service Providers - service funded directly by the state to provide emergency medical services
  • Voluntary Service Providers - not-for-profit organisation that provides pre-hospital emergency care
  • Private Service Providers - private registered company that provides pre-hospital emergency care
  • Auxiliary Service Providers - organisation with primary purpose to provide rescue services and emergency care is an element of their service

Current Licensed CPG Providers

Advanced Paramedic
Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency First Reponse
First Aid Response
Cardiac First Response