Governance Validation Framework Reports


GVF Reports 2022
 CHC Ireland DAC Ltd
 Murray Ambulance Service Ltd 
 Beaumont Private Ambulance Ltd
 Order of Malta Ireland
 Dublin Fire Brigade
 Cara Ambulance Service Ltd
 National Ambulance Service
 Lifeline Ambulance Service Ltd

On this page you can access the GVF reports for 2022.  The reports are written by external assessment team members and are based on intelligence gathered from:
 •  reviewing the Licensed CPG Provider’s submissions to validate their compliance with the GVF framework
•  a Practitioner engagement to evidence operational systems and processes and gather practitioner related data
•  a site visit to verify / evidence elements of the framework
•  engagement with the Licensed CPG Provider’s management team and their Medical Director to validate the Provider’s approach related to items within
    the framework

Be advised that the output of this process results in a PHECC report to Council that is a reflection of a moment in time. 
Following receipt of the report the Licensed CPG Provider produces a quality improvement plan that aims to address the report and other intended developments at their organisation.

Report Overview
The report is set out in 6 themes
1.  Person Centred Care and Support
2.  Effective Care and Support
3.  Safe Care and Support
4.  Leadership, Governance and Management
5.  Workforce
6.  Use of Information

Within the 6 themes there are 43 Standards; each standard is addressed in the same manner:
•  Assessment Panel Findings
•  Areas of Best Practice
•   Areas for Improvement