Field Guide 2021 (updated June 2023)

This Field Guide is not a substitute for the published Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). It is a quick reference to help Practitioners in the field particularly with medication calculations and infrequent clinical encounters. It also gives values for clinical measurements i.e. GCS.

This Field Guide does not authorise skills or medication administration. Practitioners may only practice within their scope of practice and in accordance with their level on the PHECC Register. The route of administration should be appropriate to the patient's clinical presentation.

Medications update:

Please refer to or synchronise the Field Guide Smart Phone App for up-to-date medications information.

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Mr Ray Carney, MSc in EMS, NQEMT-AP, PHECC Clinical Programme Manager.

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Mr John Lally, MSc, NQEMT-EMT.

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Field Guide 2017

The field guide corresponding to CPG 2017 is available here 

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Our thanks to the Practitioners Fiona Tormey, Alan Devine, Pat Reid, Joanne Rooney, Viv Forde, Ciaran Byrne, Michelle O’Toole, Michael Boyle and Joseph Mooney who helped to develop this guide. Thanks also to David Irwin, Adrian O’Grady, Colm Megan and David Hennelly for contributions.

Thank you to Jason Winters for the ECG rhythm guide.
Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) courtesy of Sir Graham Teasdale.
GCS aid © Institute of Neurological Sciences NHS Glasgow and Clyde.

Medications may be administered provided:

  • The Practitioner is in good standing on the PHECC Register. 
  • The Practitioner complies with the CPGs published by PHECC. 
  • The Practitioner is acting (paid or voluntary) on behalf of an organisation that is a PHECC Licensed CPG Provider. 
  • The Practitioner is privileged, by the organisation on whose behalf he/she is acting, to administer the medication. 
  • The Practitioner has received training on, and is competent in, the administration of the medication. 
  • The medications are listed in the Medicinal Products 7th Schedule.

Updated 29th May 2024

Field Guide 2021 (updated June 2023)

The 2021 Edition (updated June 2023) of the Field Guide can be obtained in a number of ways:
  • The latest version of the Field Guide is freely available here as a downloadable PDF file.
  • You can download an electronic copy of the Field Guide from:
Updated 29th May 2024