Quality Review Framework 

PHECC has a responsibility to monitor, review and report on the management  of standards and quality of courses delivered on its behalf. The quality review framework (QRF) provides the mechanism for a regular overview of the institutions learning and teaching activity and is designed to evaluate the management of education and training standards in course delivery. 

The QRF has five distinctive features:

  • It is institution centred
  • It based on agreed quality standards 
  • The RI will carry out self-assessment every year using the RISAR
  • External reviewers are used to ensure objectivity 
  • The review evaluates a range of activities, allowing for balanced recommendations to be made and included in quality improvement plans.
 Recognised Institution Quality Standards Review On-Site Report 
 Academy of Emergency Care
 Alpha Aid Training
 Cork College of Commerce
 Emergency Care Group
 First Aid for Life
 Heartbeat Safety Solutions
 Irish Heart Foundation
 Irish Underwater Council
 National Safety Centre
 Philip & Son Consultants Ltd
 Sinnott Training & Certification Ltd.
 Dublin City University 
 Flashpoint Medical Systems t/a Flashpoint Systems
 Sligo Fire Services 
 DX2 Training Solutions Ltd
 Murray Ambulance Services Ltd
 CPL Learning & Development Ltd
 SMT Consultants Ltd
 Paramedic Studies, Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick
 Irish Water Safety Association
 UCD - Centre for Emergency Medical Science (CEMS)