Update 7th February 2018: Recognition of Institution and Course Approval Applications

As previously shared PHECC will be launching its new online system for Recognised Institution (RI) and course approval application for responder and practitioner levels shortly. This project has necessitated a temporary suspension of processing applications. (Any applications received prior to 21st November 2017 are being processed.)

We realise this hold pending the launch of the online system is an inconvenience to our stakeholders and are working hard to support a smooth transition for all. Thank you for your continued patience.

To share this important development PHECC is finalising its plans for regional engagement information sessions for prospective applicants in early March. The sessions will provide an opportunity for PHECC to demonstrate the new system, which will enable new applicants to:

  • complete and submit an application for recognised institution status
  • complete and submit application(s) for course delivery at responder and practitioner levels
  • upload supporting documentation for RI and course (s) application (such as organisational chart and lesson plans)
  • make electronic payment for fees
  • become familiar with PHECC’s quality assurance model - Quality Review Framework (QRF).
In addition to launching the new system, updates on the Occupational First Aid to First Aid Responder (FAR) transition project and current PHECC initiatives will be provided.

Details for the upcoming regional engagement information sessions will be posted on our website/Facebook pages in the coming days.

Thanks to all those who participated in the development and testing of our new RI online system.

Any queries relating to this project should be sent to info@phecc.ie with the subject heading of RI application changes.

PHECC Regional Information Sessions for OFA Providers

PHECC is holding regional information sessions in March for individuals and organisations seeking to learn about becoming a Recognised Institution (RI) to deliver responder level courses. For full details please check here.