Recognition of institutions 

PHECC is responsible for the quality of courses leading to NQEMT awards and also the quality of responder awards made in its name. Responsibility for delivering courses is delegated to recognised institutions. Such institutions must aspire to excellence and this requires regular monitoring as part of a management system. Organisations that apply must be able to demonstrate capacity to comply with the 31 quality standards through their own quality assurance systems.

In preparation for an application you are asked to:  

  • Read the 31 quality standards to confirm the organisation can comply with all the requirements. You may be asked to meet with officers of PHECC to show evidence of your quality management system.
  • Read the Council Rules for Recognition of Institution and the quality review framework. 
  • Select the PHECC Education and Training Standard for each course application in particular the course approval criteria section at the end of each standard.
  • Faculty: requirements for all courses is outlined in the teaching faculty framework.
  • Faculty Forms: The Named Faculty Form(s) for Responder courses, Instructor courses and Practitioner courses must be completed/signed for each course application .
  • Statutory Declaration:  this Statutory Declaration  (stamped by Solicitor/Commissioner of Oaths) and signed by the applicant to be included.
  • Checklist(s): (Part I - Institution)  (Part II - Course & Part III - Internship sites) each signed by the applicant.
  • Review the complete application before submission.
  • Fees Pay the fee via PayPal or by euro cheque, bank draft or postal order drawn on an Irish bank or post office. Cash will not be accepted. Fees are non refundable. 
  • Submit Full application in standard A4 2 ring binder (no plastic sleeves).  Please note the numbering must match the application checklist.
  •  Post the completed hardcopy application form to: PHECC, Recognition of Institution/Courses Section, Abbey Moat House, Abbey St, Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland.
    The assessment process period is 1-3 months.
    The application will be assessed initially for completeness, incomplete applications/unsigned sections or omitted fees may result in the application being returned and cause delays. Following this initial review the application will progress to full review. The outcome of the application (or renewal) process will be one of the following: 
  • Recognition to deliver one or more approved courses for a 3-year period. A renewal application is required after 3 years.  
  • Conditional recognition. Council may attach conditions to its recognition of an institution or course. 
  • Refusal.  The Council shall provide reasons for its decisions. 

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