2014 Edition Clinical Practice Guidelines

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The 2014 Edition CPGs may be implemented provided:

  1. The Practitioner is in good standing on the PHECC Practitioner's Register. The Responder maintains current certification as outlined in PHECC Education & Training Standards.
  2. The Practitioner/ Responder is acting on behalf of an organisation (paid or voluntary) that is approved by PHECC to implement the CPGs.
  3. The Practitioner/ Responder is authorised by the organisation on whose behalf he/she is acting to implement the specific CPG.
  4. The Practitioner/ Responder has received training on, and is competent in, the skills and medications specified in the CPG being utilised.

Please note:

  • Implications for CPG 2014 release
  • PHECC 2014 Edition CPG Manuals for both Practitioner and Responder are only available electronically via download.
  • There has been no change to the Cardiac First Responder level CPGs from the 2012 edition.


Field Guide 2014 Edition

    Page updated: 18/09/2014


    The Council Policy for implementation time frames of Clinical Practice Guidelines require that within 18 months of release of new CPGs that they are implemented fully.

    All examinations at EMT and Paramedic level will continue with the 2012 CPGs until November 30th 2014, the 2014 standard will come into effect for these examinations on December 01st 2014.

    The latest edition of CPGs takes precedent over the 2012 editions which are available below.

    1. 2012 Advanced Paramedic
    2. 2012 Paramedic
    3. 2012 Emergency Medical Technician
    4. 2012 Responder (CFR, OFA, & EFR)
    5. 2011 PHECC Field Guide