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The Recognised Institution/Approved Training Institution (RI/ATI) portal is an online system that allows RI/ATIs and applicants to manage aspects of your organisation’s interactions with PHECC for responder and practitioner level courses.
This includes applying for recognised institution/approved training institution status, courses and renewal as a RI/ATI. 
Once you create an account and log in you will be able to apply to:

  • become a RI/ATI
  • deliver course(s) at responder (CFR, CFR and MLO, FAR, EFR, EFR – BTEC) level
  • EMS call-taker, Dispatcher course
  • provide NQEMT practitioner level course (EMT, P, AP) 

The portal also allows you to update your faculty listing for courses and submit your policies and procedures for application and renewal purposes. 
Once you log in you may see Alerts to let you know when we need information from you. You will also will be able to track the status of your submissions. 

  • 69 Total number of institutions
  • 426 Total distinct courses