Paramedic Examination Standard Research Workshop

PHECC is working towards the development of a new PHECC NQEMT Paramedic Examination Standard, for implementation in 2018 by all recognised institutions (RIs). To this end, we recently held a Research Workshop which was attended by:

  • Representatives from each RI at Paramedic level
  • PHECC Exam Quality
  • Test Item Writers at Paramedic level and above
  • All facilitators and
  • Members of the Education and Standards Committee.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Anthony Marini who has been involved in educational measurement and assessment since 1987. He provides assessment services to examining boards and regulatory bodies across Canada and is committed to applying best practice principles in a wide range of assessment processes, including entry level exams and on-going continuing competency.                                                                               
There was much opportunity for engagement throughout the day which facilitated us posing questions regarding our current exam processes and methodologies, from creation of test items to exploring best practice in preparation and delivery of OSCEs. 

Highlights from the event for future discussion:

  1. Competency framework at practitioner levels
  2. Alternative scoring methodologies for examinations
  3. Profession assessing the profession and
  4. Robust training of ‘simulated patients’ for the OSCE component of the NQEMT.

​​The next step will be to present a workshop report to the Education and Standards Committee as a working document for consideration and prioritisation. Furthermore, the Centre for Prehospital Research (CPR) in Limerick is carrying out a review of paramedic skills assessment methodology. This research will assist in identifying evidence relating specifically to the use of OSCEs as part of the summative assessment, which ultimately leads to licensing to practice as a paramedic, following completion of all components of the NQEMT examination.