Moving to 6 Digit PINs on 1st August 2022

From the 1st August 2022 all PHECC PINs will move from the current 4 Digit number to a 6 Digit number for EMT, Paramedic and Advanced Paramedics. It has always been envisioned that PHECC would move to a 6 Digit PIN (Personal Identification Numbers) to facilitate the growing number of PHECC NQEMT Qualifications and subsequent Registrations. Existing PIN numbers will not change, but will be preceded by 00 and the format of new, randomly allocated numbers will begin at 500XXX from the 1st August 2022.


Who will this affect?

This will affect all individuals who have been issued with a PHECC PIN with the insertion of the leading 00 and any new PINs issued after 1st August 2022 will be 6 Digit. All licences issued after the 1st August 2022 will display the new 6 Digit PIN.

Organisations will need to be aware of this change, as Registrants will be presenting the 6 Digit PINs on their licences.

What do you need to do?

There is no action required by individuals in relation to this change. If you have used your PIN in any part of your PHECC logon credentials to the PHECC website, this will not be affected however, we always recommend that you change your username/password to something only you will know to protect your data.

Organisations may need to review their IT systems to ensure that they can accept the new 6 Digit PINs.