Medication Formulary 2017

The Medication Formulary is published by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) to enable pre-hospital emergency care practitioners to be competent in the use of medications permitted under Medicinal Products 7th Schedule (SI 300 of 2014). This is a summary document only and practitioners are advised to consult with official publications to obtain detailed information about the medications used.

The conditions under which practitioners or responders may administer the medications are outlined in the formulary.

The dose specified on the relevant CPG shall be the definitive dose in relation to practitioner or responder administration of a medication.

The Medication Formulary is published as an appendix of the relevant CPG level manual.

Advanced Paramedic

Advanced Paramedic Medication Formulary


Paramedic Medication Formulary

Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician Medication Formulary

EFR-BTEC Medication Formulary 

EFR Medication Formulary

FAR Medication Formulary

OFA Medication Formulary

Practitioner and Responder Medications & Skills Matrix

The Medications & Skills Matrix is a quick ready reckoner to check the medications and skills that apply to each clinical level.